Friday, September 28, 2012

Bling! Bling! ........... Blah.

Diamond Ring - Vendor: Rosie Piter 0071

Now, please don't take this blog as some self-righteous, goody-two-shoes (how the heck do you spell that?) type of thing, but I'm getting quite frustrated with a new trend & wondering......... is it just me?

I would truly  like to know if I'm the only person who is stunned, saddened and confused by the desire for a bigger & better diamond! Don't get me wrong. I live in America too, & know that our individualistic ways of living the American Dream, are often translated as- having the biggest and best of everything mentality, too focused on keeping up with the Joneses'.

when your husband handpicked a wedding band for you, back at the start of this journey, didn't he pour his heart & soul & tiny little pocketbook into that ring? Sure, most marriages start off when we're young, so there's not exactly a nestegg to purchase this bling, but does that really matter?

It seems like all I hear about lately is the request for a wedding ring UPGRADE.

Umm, really? ...... Rather than keep the ring that truly holds the sentimental value & was given to you with love, anticipation, anxiety and --- heart......... you want something that portrays you have more money?! ............ maybe because you do have more money now. If so, fantastic!...... Or, maybe because you don't want to be the friend with the itty bitty little yellow diamond on their ring finger. I don't know.

I mean, I get it .... sort of............ but I would never want a replacement. Granted, my husband did a great job the first go-round, so maybe that's why I have this high & mighty tone about the whole issue. Nevertheless, I'm frequently surrounded by these women with their big rocks, & I just hope the love and value of their marriage isn't inversely correlated (you know, one goes up, the other goes down) to the size of that BLING.

I mean, we all know what they say about men who try to buy the fastest cars, have the loudest mouths & show off the most. . . . they're compensating for something else.

Even my sweet, caring husband brought it up recently, maybe we'll look at getting you a bigger (& supposedly) better ring sometime. ...... WHAT?! Even he is affected by this superficial mania that is surrounding us!!
I protested immediately! I do not want, nor will I ever wear another ring on this finger. Sure, he can buy a lovely ring for any of my other 9 fingers at any time ;)...... but this is the ring that he placed on my finger, that cool night in January, when he was down on one knee pouring his heart out to me......... This is the band he placed on my finger as we stood before God, our family, our friends & vowed to love each other unconditionally for as long as we both shall live.

I refuse to get caught up in this nonsense. A beautiful ring doesn't equate to a beautiful life...

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Sarah said...

J I have ALWAYS felt this way. I wouldn't want a replacement... like you said. More rings for the OTHER fingers LOL

My question is...where does the pretty little ring go when they get the big new shiny one? on the shelf? SAD