Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Divine Intervention.

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How is it that two people,
from two totally different worlds

end up........ together.

(Literally, 22, 052 miles apart according to google maps. Although, I wouldn't have taken the much longer route through China & Russia myself, but apparently google doesn't fly the Atlantic) 

I shall never know.
Nor do I care.

All I am sure of is that God could not have cultivated a more perfect human being for me. 

Someone who challenges me at every curve,
Forces me to dig deep when I'm getting weary,
Greets me with a beaming smile every morning,
Cherishes me,
Supports me in all that I do,
Can Cook & does so,
Is full of faith and inspiration,
Loves to love me,
and speaks to my heart in a way that not even I can comprehend.

This weekend marked our 1 year wedding anniversary! The year flew by, and I pray it is God's will that we have many happy years ahead of us. Although, I won't be disappointed if they slow down a little.

So now, we celebrate ....... In the words of my baby, 1 down, infinity to go!

Off to New Orleans, be back soon. . .

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