Friday, January 10, 2014

In Awe.

Wow, where to begin . . .

Eden was born on Dec. 1st, but here we are almost 6 weeks later, & I'm finally stealing a moment to blog about it. Thanks to my dear friend, Sarah, for encouraging me to do so. I know these memories will elude me too quickly, & this little angel is changing on a daily basis.

Week 1, I spent staring at her & wondering when her real parents would be coming to get her. By Week 2, I was still staring at her & getting glossy-eyed realizing she was really here to stay. She had already stolen my heart & was developing in leaps & bounds. She exceeded weight gains to mine & the pediatrician's delight. She was also only waking for 1-2 feedings per night. By the 3rd week, we saw frequent smiles & by Week 4, they were obviously intentional smiles when we locked eyes & she looked straight into my soul!

So petite & perfect in stature, I could watch her day & night. So many of her features remind me of my husband. The dark hair and eyes are his. The narrowly-there bridge of the nose & prominent cheek bones belonging to him as well. Precisely 2 little, curved lines frame the bottom lid on each of her eyes, mirroring the shape of his. A nice full set of lips that we all share, paired with the most precious smiles I've ever had the pleasure of enjoying. Everything down to her legs & little flat feet remind me of my husband. I guess she'll just have to get her sweetness from me.

When we lock eyes, she stares as only a pure, new soul can. She knows no limits or boundaries to staring intently into another's eyes. We exchange expressions & surely a million thoughts and feelings in those moments. She'll cry, she'll smile, she'll grunt & moan and I think of every bit of it as a sweet little achievement in her young life & relish in the fact that I get to share it with her.

I could boast for days about this little miracle & I'm happy to say that keeping my promise to live in the moment & thank God for her daily is the easiest promise to keep. She is a Blessing that is far beyond my ability to articulate. So, for now, this meager post will start my attempt at documenting this amazing gift, & I'll try to determine how I can explain this experience more eloquently and thoroughly to truly give it justice.

In the meantime, I'll continue snuggling her on my shoulder and nuzzling up to the nape of her neck, smelling her intoxicating scent and soaking in every precious moment.

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Sarah Denny said...

Your Blog is titled 'It doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful...' and to me your little life is looks so wonderful and perfect. I am so happy I get tears thinking of all the joy ahead of you guys. I can NOT wait to meet Eden!!!