Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Happy {early} Birthday!

As previously mentioned, hub's birthday is Christmas day! He's a special kinda guy, so I'm not surprised he shares the day with the Man Upstairs. [Yes, I'm aware we could get into a theological discussion about how Christmas day isn't the actual day of Jesus' birth.]

Anyhow, this is a time of celebration & family & friends & sometimes... chaos!

Therefore, I decided to throw a mini- Happy Early Birthday celebration for him. Yesterday, I had to work late and wanted to drive rather than take the train. Sure, I could have taken the train, but there is a different type-a-cat that rides the train as the night progresses. So, I use late evenings as a reason to get behind the wheel of Lola, cruise a little & then once again, grudgingly remind myself why I prefer not to drive amidst Chicago traffic.

Nevertheless, last night, I also decided to take that opportunity to pick up a little surprise dinner on my way home. Previously, hubs & I have eaten at a cute, little place called 90 Miles Cuban Cafe. A charming little eatery, especially in the summer, when you can eat out on the patio. On a prior venture, he told me how much he'd love to try their red snapper! Being the good wife I am, I made a mental note & saved it away until this perfect opportunity arose!

2nd item on the agenda, stop by his favorite pizza parlor/brewery to pick up a growler of his favorite brew. Piece Pizza has become a favorite & we're pretty much VIP in that place. We discovered one of the waitresses is from Missouri, so we're on a first-name basis. I popped in to grab this jug of his favorite beer. Are you ready for its name?? Dark & Curvy...... Quite fitting, I think!

I had left a note on the fridge not to start dinner, because I'd be home shortly :) Sure enough, he arrived home from work about 20 minutes before me & it was perfect timing. He was totally caught off-guard & shocked that I had planned this little surprise! Perhaps, he was even more impressed that I made it home without getting lost, but that's why I took Brit along with me. He kept me good company, Brit that is, the GPS!

So, my little suprise party was a success :)

BUT ........ there was one, leetle slip up. Somewhere, along my journey, I do believe I was captured by a red-light camera!! =0 I was cruising along, trying to find my way to this restaurant & the light may have been about orange as I decided to gun it through the intersection. However, I wasn't thinking about the nice ticket one gets around here for doing so. All I saw was a flash of lights in every direction. It must be what the celebs feel like when the paparazzi ambush them. However, I'm sure my cover photo is going to be me, giving my Oh sh*t! face. They say it takes about 4-5 weeks before the ticket shows up in the mail, so that little gift should be arriving shortly after Christmas. ~JOY~

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Sarah said...

Such a lucky man!!! Sounds so fancy for take home!! How old is ol A gonna be?