Friday, December 16, 2011

To new beginnings...

It was December of '03 when I graduated with my bachelor's degree. It seemed like it took forever to get that degree. After applying for graduation, I was informed I had a few requirements which hadn't been met. I totally blame it on bad advising. However, I now realize I should have had degree audits done earlier & sought out other advice, rather than learning the hard way that my advisor was as clueless as I had thought. Anyhew, once I graduated, I was so relieved and soooooooo burnt out on school! I declared I would never do homework again. I would never step foot inside a classroom again. End of story. Bachelor's was sufficient. I was happy. I had completed my goal. Book closed.


Fast-forward about 5 years and I found myself in a job that was rather thankless.... making a salary that was sufficient, but showed no signs of progressing... in a position that was stagnant. ....... & basically left me feeling bored & not having a significant impact on myself, let alone anyone else.

I wasn't living up to my potential.

I'm not out to change the world, but I should be able to at least impact the lives I encounter. Problem being, my career has just begun. I have a whole lifetime ahead of me to get burnt out; it can't have already happened! As these thoughts were swirling around my head, and I was contemplating if I would ever discover my true passion, life hit me upside the head.

It was during this time, I experienced a number of personal trials which helped shape me into the woman I am today, nearly 3 years later. It was a growing experience and one in which I feel I can say I am a better person for it. Gratefully, I feel I have overcome the trials presented to me at that point in my life. Rather than let them define me. I defined who I am. I also finally realized who & what I want to be!

My entire life I have found myself drawn to people in need, comforting them through their trials and attempting to give them a sense of hope along with my meager advice. This is what I do, this is who I am. The problem is I'm giving people advice from my limited wisdom. It is merely my opinion. Also, it's something that has seemed so natural to me, but I hadn't had the foresight to realize, it's my calling. So, what am I going to do about it? I'm going to get educated in a field where I can truly live out my purpose and passion and help others.

Shortly after deciding this, I made a personal goal of obtaining my master's by the time I was 30. When I realized what degree I wanted to attain, this seemed fathomable. From that moment on, I began diligently researching schools & programs trying to decide what would be the right fit for me. I rely heavily on my faith and insist that be a part of my training. This is much harder to find than one would think. My other requirement was that I would get an education which opened the doors of opportunity. Not one which limited me to a small pocket of possibilities.

It still took a little time to get here, but I'm happy to say, I have found it! I won't have that degree by 30, but I am enrolled in my first graduate courses by age 30! Elaboration to follow . . .

For the moment, it is elation! =)

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