Thursday, December 1, 2011

I've got rubbers!

Well, that's what I call them...

I haven't worn anything like this since I was about 7! Back then, I think we referred to them as galoshes, but you could also jump into those puppies with your shoes on. I insisted that I had to have a pair of these. Hubs agreed & now I am ready for my first, CHICAGO winter.

(but shhush, don't say it too loud, I'm not that enthused about it.)

 When living in Chicago, ladies seem to go one of two ways........... cute or practical. ...... I, my friends, am practical! So, yes, I will be wearing these clodhoppers all winter & happily prancing along all the while. I will arrive at work with dry feet & pants, even if there is a foot of snow! 

The cold has barely hit. Nevertheless, it has hit. Recently, it was in the 20's, while I stood on the train platform awaiting my morning chauffeur, & what did I notice? There are some crazy girls, wearing cute, little, short coats, no gloves, no scarves & no hats! .......Well, they can catch a cute, little cold too, but I will wear my rubbers & happily dress like the abominable snowman!!

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Sarah said...

Smart lady! I would be getting into the fashionable winter wear as well!