Friday, December 2, 2011

It's Friday Night!!!

Know what that means?? . . . . . . . .

Date night with my baby!!!

Before starting a family, we know there are a number of luxuries we're afforded & we equally agree we need to enjoy them while we can!!! Such as: sleeping in on Saturday mornings, late night trips to the ice cream shop, hitting up happy hour after work, couple's vacations & the list goes on & on. For us, date night is definitely one of them :)

Since moving to Chi, we almost immediately made Friday evenings "our time." We pick some new restaurant or one we've already decided is a fav & we get dressed up & go out on the city. After dinner, we stick around for a few cocktails, or we head to a local spot. I won't say hot spot, because we're not cool enough to be that trendy. Neither of us believe in paying to get in, waiting in line or paying double-digits for a drink. Therefore, we've found a handful of charming little hole-in-the-walls where we set up shop!

We have a small selection of breweries which usually win out on our bids of where to go. In Chi, I have discovered the craft of craft beer. Not that long ago, I would have turned up my nose to any beer stein in which I couldn't clearly see through the pilsner, straight to the other side. However, surprising to myself, I've developed a taste for those stouter suds. I've decided I don't like hoppy. No IPA's, the bitter bite is too much for my palette. However, I can appreciate the dark, chocolaty notes of a porter, a filling wheat-beer or a smooth, fruity & flavorful hefeweizen.

Neither of us drink more than a few. We're not out to get drunk, just enjoying a cold beer & good convo with our favorite person. So, if you're ever in the Chi, don't be surprised if we drag you into one of our hot spots and order you a porter! Compliments of our refined tastes, unofficially coined, beer connoisseurs, will do our best to convert you!

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Sarah said...

You are lucky. Enjoy every second.