Friday, December 30, 2011

Our First Christmas

We decided to make the trek from Chi to Kansas by car this year, & it wasn't too bad. A 1-night pit-stop in KC on the way down helped to break up the monotony! We enjoyed dinner & drinks with some old friends & had a great time. We had a gracious hostess, who even made us breakfast! A regular B&B, but she didn't charge us a dime ;)

Then, we were off for small-town KS & lots of family & good times. We quite enjoyed ourselves & it felt great to be sharing the holidays with my HUSBAND. We gobbled up a million calories of course. We caught up with friends & fam, & I won a non-disputed game of British Monopoly, even though my opponents forfeited. Muhahaha! I relished every single moment! Of course, there are a million stops to make & only one, short weekend to do it in, just never enough time.

My camera apparently turned itself on in my purse, so it wasn't alive for any family portraits. Here are a few I've got from family so far...

My oldest niece, almost as tall as me!!

The youngest............ At-ten-tion!! (Every true, country girl needs a pink B.B. gun)

....... & then, posing like the true diva she is!

On the way home Monday, we made a few stops ;) ......... One at our favorite winery in Hermann, MO. . . Well, actually, that's a bit of a stretch. Rather than drive the 15miles off the highway to get to Hermann, we found they sale their wine at the gas station off the same highway exit. Another perk, it's cheaper than at the winery! Perhaps, it isn't the newest/oldest bottles, but it suits us just fine. :)

Also, hubs had a convo w/ my younger sister about a famous frozen custard joint in St. Louis. We didn't think much about it, until we stumbled across the same place in a magazine! So, of course, we had to try this out for ourselves! ......  We veered off the beaten path to venture through a portion of ol' St. Louie, which didn't appear to be the "better half" of the city. Thankfully, we had GPS to guide our way, but after our 20 minute excursion through the city, we arrived to find the place CLOSED!! ..... Ahh, what a letdown. ...... However, when I'd been searching for it in the GPS, a 2nd location was noted. I told hubs & we decided we'd came this far, we might as well go a little farther & see if perhaps the other location was open. After all, there is no distance too far for ice cream! I figured our chances were slim to none, but to my surprise... it was OPEN! ...... & it was delectable! It was a dark & rainy afternoon, but still well worth the effort. We found the place to be charming. You know, small, kind of run-down looking, filled with teenage employees. Completely old-school, that's why I trusted it. I had a Scotty Oatmeal Cookie Concrete (blizzard) & hubs had a Butterscotch Concrete. Good price, good dessert & gave us the boost to travel that last four hours home!

Since the way home was a straight-shot, rather than stopping in KC, it was a loooooooooong, 12 hour day in the car. My back hasn't been right ever since. Ugh, getting old stinks! Nevertheless, every minute was worth it. We had a great time!!

Very Blessed to have such great family & friends! 2011 has been a phenomenal year! Kinda sad to see it go, but excited to see what 2012 has in store =)

~Happy New Year~

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